ACSS 2013

Six students from five different countries (Czech Republic, Poland, USA, Italy and Spain) came to Madison and joined the Wisconsin Applied Computing Center for the summer.

Summer School

Schedule Highlights

The visiting students participated in a four week session on parallel computing for engineering applications based on course material taught by Dan Negrut at the University of Wisconsin-Madison ( Besides this session the students also:

  • Attended one hour meetings with Dan Negrut every other day to discuss aspects related to the HPC material associated with the “High Performance Computing for Engineering Applications”
  • Chose a small project to work on in terms of parallel computing. The idea was to parallelize a piece of code linked to their research project
  • During the first three weeks, each week, two students gave talks summarizing their research project at their institution. Links to their presentations are found below.
  • Presented their Summer School research on Friday, August 9.
  • Participated with Dan Negrut in the 2013 Midwest Multibody Dynamics Day, an international workshop organized by Professor Ahmed Shabana at the University of Illinois at Chicago on August 10.
  • Met with Eftychios Sifakis , a Computer Science professor working in the area of physics-based modeling and simulation