Below are some helpful links for tools available on the Euler Co-Op.

New Accounts

To request an account on Euler, UW users should fill out this form. Other users should contact the appropriate system administrator.

Transferring Files

Mac/Linux users should use rsync and Windows users should use WinSCP to move files to and from the Euler Co-Op.


General Euler Courtesy

  • Interactive jobs should be kept to a 20 minute maximum.
  • Don’t build large projects on the head node.
  • The maximum size for a home directory is no greater than 2.5T.
    • du -sh ~ shows the size of your home directory.
  • Please set a time limit on jobs – it allows the scheduler to run more efficiently.
  • Please log out when you are not using Euler.

Creating and Accessing Temporary Files

  • As of Wednesday, September 6th, files and folders created under /tmp will be deleted without further warning.
  • Users may obtain a safe folder to create temporary files using the command module load tmpdir.
  • The path to the new folder will be stored in the environment variable $SLURM_TMPDIR.
  • Temporary files and folders contained within this path will not be deleted until the corresponding job completes.

Priority Hours and Accounts

  • Hardware contributors can debit their share of hours to have access to a higher-priority queue such as slurm_priority or slurm_groupname.
  • In order to use the priority queue, you need to pass the following flags along with your script
    • --account=groupname
    • -p slurm_priority or -p slurm_groupname
    • --qos=priority or --qos=groupname_owner
  • Replace groupname with the name of your lab or PI (e.g. sbel or cui)
  • To ensure that hours are not debited accidentally, the default behavior is not to use any elevated priority levels when submitting a job.