Where can I find information about Euler?

This website is a great resource to learn more about WACC assets. Here you will find overviews of both MSCdata and Euler, status updates, staff contact information, and helpful guides. The Simulation Based Engineering Lab (SBEL) at UW-Madison, which is closely related to WACC is another resource to learn more about special CPU/GPU heavy projects that are possible on Euler.
Of course, users are highly encouraged to join the euler-user mailing list for pertinent or time-sensitive announcements. The System Administrator will rely on the mailing list to inform users of any disruptive maintenance, useful advice, known issues, functional modifications, and more.

Additional Documentation

Using Slurm on Euler
Third-party Packages
Additional Rules

Where can I find information about using Linux?

Because Linux is an open source family of operating systems, there is a mass of knowledge publicly available online. The most efficient method of searching for help, may be to just google it! Most likely someone has had the same issue before. It may be helpful to search for CentOS specific assistance, as this is the linux distribution running on the Euler cluster. The CentOS project provides a wiki here.

DO NOT RUN UNKNOWN COMMANDS Please be careful not to blindly “copy and paste” commands/files/data without verifying its authenticity. Always take caution when applying knowledge from the internet.

Where can I find information about programming in “X” language?

For the same reason as above, using the power of the internet is the easiest way to find information about different programming languages. Stack Overflow is a respected forum for answering/asking programming questions although there are thousands of other tutorial sites which are also helpful. If the language you are searching for has an official authority look to them for technical information.

What should I do if a program I need isn’t installed?

Before immediately emailing the System Administrator follow the following steps in order.

  • Search the list of available modules to see if the program needs to be loaded into your environment. Information on modules can be found in the Resources->Software page.
  • If the software you are searching for is truly not available perhaps try a compatible program that is.
  • Lastly, if there is no compatible software, you can send a request to the System Administrator for its install.

How can I transfer files to and from Euler?

The scp (secure copy) tool allows you to copy files to and from remote hosts. The order of the scp tool is source first, destination second. Below are a few examples of the tool.

  • Transferring files to euler; scp /path/to/src username@euler.wacc.wisc.edu:~/path/to/dest
  • Transferring files from euler; scp username@euler.wacc.wisc.edu:~/path/to/src path/to/dest
  • Depending on your ssh config, you maybe able to use scp /path/to/src euler:~/path/to/dest

Technical information about scp can be found with man scp.

Windows users should use WinSCP to move files to and from the Euler Co-Op.

How do I create and extract ‘tar’ files?

The tar function strings files and directories together for easier handling, but it is also capable of compressing files. There are many options available when using tar, below are examples for the most routine uses.

  • Creating a tar file; tar -cf /path/to/dest.tar /path/to/src-directory
    • Creating a tar file of multiple directories; tar -cf /path/to/dest.tar /path/to/src-directory1 /path/to/src-directory2
    • Compressing a directory with gZip; tar -czf /path/to/dest.tar.gz /path/to/src-directory
  • Extracting a tar file; tar -xf /path/to/src.tar

Technical information about tar can be found with man tar.

How do I get an Euler account?

To request an account on Euler, UW users should fill out this form. Other users should contact the appropriate system administrator.