Privacy Policies

All WACC staff and Euler users are expected to adhere to University of Wisconsin-Madison Techonology policies. User personal data stored on Euler systems should not be considerded confindential and may be reviewed by Univeirsty staff without notice.

DO NOT SHARE YOUR EULER PASSWORD. The only person authorized to use your account is yourself. Allowing others to access Euler with errant credentials may compromise the security of other users, the cluster, and the Unviersity.

It is recommended to create your password according to the password standards found in the links below.

More information on technology policies can be found at the following links.

UW-Madison IT Compliance Agreement
UW-Madison IT Password Policy
UW System Acceptable Use of IT Resources

Managing Your Personal Info with IPA

On Euler, we use an IPA (Identity, Policy, Audit) server to manage account details, user privileges, and security information.

Users can interact with IPA in the following ways.

  • With ipa commands
    • Visit the online ipa man page for help.
    • If an error message, such as ipa: ERROR: did not receive Kerberos credentials prints after running a failed ipa command, try executing kinit to generate a new Kerberos ticket. Most likely your existing Kerberos ticket has expired.
    • Note: Certain ipa commands require heightened permissions. If you require the use of one or more priviliged commands, contact the Euler System Administrator.
  • Automated ipa scripts
    • Note: You may be prompted to enter your kerberos password.
    • Run ipa-info to see a print out of your account details, such as username, login shell, credential and password expiration dates, contact email, and group membership.
    • Run ipa-passwd to reset your euler/IPA password.
  • Contact System Administrators
    • If you would like to make changes to account information (email, login shell, group membership, etc.)